The Windmill

Windmill CoverDescription:

Occupied Holland 1943. The entire extended Jewish family of brave thirteen-year-old Anna Millstrom is killed by the Germans. Anna escapes the carnage and hides in an old windmill. An RAF Lancaster bomber comes down in Holland. Two members of the crew survive, Australian pilot Jack (Roo) Reilly and American Solomon (Sol) Abrahams. They too, hide in the windmill from the Germans. To save Anna and the badly wounded Roo, Sol creates a diversion and is captured by the Germans and sent to Auschwitz concentration camp. Roo and Anna assisted by the Dutch Resistance escape to England.

Over the next few years before their reunion, Roo serves as a senior official in Australia’s Immigration Department, which is bent on maintaining the White Australia Policy, a defiant Anna is shuttled from church-run orphanages in England and Australia, and Sol uses his family’s wealth to assist the Simon Wiesenthal Centre hunt down Nazis. 


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