Great Spirit Valley


Lance Delano, a ruthless millionaire businessman loses everything in the crash, except for an interest in a small, cash-strapped oil well drilling company owned by Montana wildcatter, Jeff Bishop, who has just discovered a vast new oilfield in the Canadian wilderness. Delano abandons Bishop in the wilds, leaving him to freeze to death in order to steal his company.

Black Dog Running, a member of a lost tribe of Blackfoot Indians living high in the Rocky Mountains, finds Bishop unconscious and near death and takes him back to his people where, suffering memory loss, he is inducted into the tribe. Just prior to marrying Black Dog Running's daughter, Bishop regains his memory and escapes from the tribe, bent on tracking down Delano. He is pursued by Black Dog Running who is under orders to kill the white man to prevent the outside world from learning of the existence of the lost tribe and also to bring back absolute proof of Bishop's death.

Helen Coffey, a Salt Lake City corporate public relations officer, is fired from her job after publicly criticizing corporate environmental vandalism. She joins the Sierra Club, working as an activist, trying to stop exploitation and degradation of Indian reservations by big business, taking her cause all the way to the U.S. Congress.

With Bishop declared legally dead, Delano sells his company and in an underhanded deal buys oil leases in Great Spirit Valley, a sacred Indian site in Montana. It is there that Delano, Bishop, Black Dog Running and Helen Coffey ultimately collide: Bishop seeking retribution, Delano desperate to escape the wrath of the Indian nations, Black Dog Running reluctant to kill the white man who once was his friend and Helen Coffey, determined to halt Big Oil's insatiable greed.

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