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I hope you will stay a while and perhaps enjoy reading some excerpts from my novels. These titles range from historical to more modern stories. Many have been traditionally published and republished over the years and several have received popular fiction awards. Heading each of the sample chapters are reviews and publication data of each title.

The last few years has seen dramatic changes in the traditional publishing world. Digital books are fast replacing the sales of physical (paper) books. And every day we see new reports from around the world of bookstores closing down, big publishers cutting back on new titles, smaller advances being paid to authors, and independent publishers going out of business completely.

All this has given rise to the astronomical escalation of ebook sales which have now transformed the publishing industry. Book readers can now download ebooks electronically from all around the world in seconds and read them on ebook readers and tablets as well as on cell phones and computers.

Best of all most ebook titles only cost a fraction of the cost of physical books



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